Woodlands Europe d.o.o. (the “Company”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Woodlands Global Limited in Slovenia.

Slovenia is located in the “crossroads” meeting Western Europe and the Balkans, its border connecting Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. As the gateway of European timber from forest-rich countries, the Company sources timber from the north – the Czech Republic and Poland; and from the west – Austria, France, Germany and etc.

The Company leverages the geographical advantages to engage in one-stop service to customers in the timber supply chain. To this end, the Company established a long-term stable cooperation with the Slovenian and Western European state-owned forestry bureau, the Company had set up storage yard in Maribor which is close to the railway line. With our expertise procurement and logging team, we source spruce, fir and other softwood logs; white oak, ash and other hardwood logs, from Slovenia, Central and Western European countries. We render inventory management, quality control and distribution services, timber logs are sold to the Chinese and Vietnamese markets.

On the basis of stable supply of European softwood timbers, the Company continuously strengthen strategic cooperation with overseas customers, actively exploring opportunities to collaborate with upstream and downstream, like furniture, flooring wood, pulp wood, and other industrial partners.