Partnering sawmills and processing plants in Croatia and Romania, we cover a diverse range of products and markets, giving you an unmatched source for most western species needs. We use certified raw material and qualified sawmilling techniques to produce high quality sawn timber that fulfil customer requirements. Product range covers both standard and special sawn timber made of European beech and ash. Our standard sawn timber product range will offer you a huge variety of options for versatile end-uses. If you have additional dimension and moisture content requirements, we also design and manufacture special sawn products, particularly for joinery and furniture industries. Our special sawn timber range carries the name Woodlands. 

Supported by reliable and reputable sawmills and processing plants in Croatia and Romania, we are continually investing in our manufacturing flow, people and supply chain to deliver what you need, when you need it.

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1. Receiving logs

2. Sawing

3. Edging

4. Steaming

5. Air drying

6. Kiln drying

7. Repairing

8. Sorting

9. Packing

10. Loading