Woodlands Industrial s.r.l. (the “Company”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Woodlands Global Limited in Romania.

Utilizing rich and sustainable forest resources in Romania, the Company work closely with the Romanian Forestry Bureau. The Company has established long-term strategic partnership with a well-known multinational forestry enterprise for harvesting rights and signed an exclusive agreement with a sawmill and lumber processing plant in the region, that form a solid foundation for the Company’s timber processing channels, from harvesting standing logs to producing kiln dried lumbers.

With the Carpathian Mountains meander throughout Romania, it is one of the few countries in Europe with a large number of natural forests, majority are hardwood of white oak, beech, hornbeam, basswood; softwood of fir, spruce. The Company sources high-quality natural spruce and fir logs from virgin forests, check the quality and specifications of logs, arrange distribution and transportation according to the needs of customers, and export logs to the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. In addition, the Company engage local harvesting teams for logging the forests where the Company entitle harvesting rights, and work closely with the sawmill and lumber processing plant. Through strictly controlled lumber processing procedures, the Company provide high quality kiln-dried edged lumbers to the market.

Establishing a socially responsible timber enterprise and providing customers with superb quality timber products, the Company make full use of Romanian timber resources, strictly abide to local laws and regulations to protect the natural forests, optimize the timber processing procedures, and strive to maximize value of the timber products.