Woodlands Croatia d.o.o. (the “Company”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Woodlands Global Limited in Croatia.

The timber industry is one of the important industries in Croatia. With qualified forest management, advanced wood processing equipment and strong processing plants set up in Croatia, there are various timber products offering to markets. The main wood species are white oak, beech, hornbeam, basswood, fir, spruce and etc.

Taking full advantages of abundant timber resources and strong timber industry players in Croatia, the Company established long-term strategic cooperation with major local timber players to optimize the integration of timber resources. The Company sources white oak, beech and other hardwood logs from local well-known forest enterprises, check the quality and specifications of logs, arrange distribution and transportation according to the needs of customers, and exports hardwood logs to the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. In order to improve the upstream and downstream supply chain, to meet different needs of our customers and to provide customers with a variety of timber products, the Company also signed long-term processing service agreement with large local timber processing plants, providing unedged lumbers, like beech, ash and others exported to China and overseas markets.

The Company will further seize hardwood resources and sign more long-term processing agreements in Croatia to meet the growing market demand for hardwood logs and lumbers.